Physical Training

Training done better! Full body integration plus cardio.

Have fun, get results and feel great like never before.

Nutritional Counseling

By removing the unhealthy food and replacing it with nutritious food and supplementation, you can be healthy, fight disease, and feel great!

Massage & Bodywork

Massage is relaxing and therapeutic. It should be part of your health routine.  It's an essential part of the Complete Wellness System.

Life Coaching

If you’re feeling stuck in your job, relationship, health, or life in general, Life Coaching can help. See how this can help you become a better you.​

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Sample two of Bill's workout videos so you can see the kind of workout content he delivers in his Ultimate Health Membership.

Sample Workout 1

Sample Workout 2

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My goal is to work with you, in whatever your life situation, to help you grow in mind, body, and spirit. You just have to be willing to take the first step. Make the decision to change your life, and then just do it.