An Argument for Natural Medicine

By Bill Shuttic | Blog

Jan 30

Typically, when we talk about medicine, we think about pharmaceutical drugs.  Therefore, the first thing I want to do is take the “medicine” out of Natural Medicine.  Hippocrates (the Father of Medicine) once said, “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.”  Even back then, he understood that nature and food provides what we need to be healthy.

Let’s talk briefly about pharmaceuticals.  How do these companies come up with pharmaceutical drugs?  Many times, they will start with an herb and try to find the one chemical compound that they believe makes that herb effective in treating some underlying dysfunction in the body.  Then they take that compound to the laboratory, boost that compound, and create a synthetic drug that they can patent and trademark, so they can make billions of dollars.  Pharmaceuticals, by their very nature, are toxic to your system.  That’s why they come with a list of side effects.  Some people are taking drugs to counteract the side effects created by another drug.  That’s why many people are taking multiple drugs.  For example, you may take one drug for depression which may cause headaches, so you take another drug for headaches which causes intestinal discomfort, so you take yet another drug for your intestines.  Its kind of crazy, yet we’re conditioned to think that is normal.  One thing that most drug companies won’t tell you is that when you take their drug, it is not only toxic to your liver or kidneys (your main detoxifiers) but it also interferes with your absorption of needed vitamins and minerals.  If you then look at the side effects associated with a lack of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, you may find that those are the exact same side effects listed in small print on the drug.

For example, some drug side effects include muscle weakness, jitteriness, muscle cramps, body aches, etc.  Interestingly, a deficiency in calcium could lead to body aches, nervousness, and muscle cramps.  Other drug side effects include gas, bloating, constipation, and food sensitivities.  Would it surprise you if I told you that lack of enzymes could lead to bloating, constipation, gas, food sensitivities, and toxic conditions.  I just saw a drug ad on TV, and one of the side effects was urinary tract infection and bowel issues.  Can you guess the deficiency signs of probiotics?  You got it – yeast overgrowth, bowel disease, gas and bloating, etc.

There have been many doctors across the country who have cured people of various diseases from diabetes to cancer to irritable bowel syndrome by utilizing natural means.  Unfortunately, one can get into some serious legal trouble by stating that you’ve “cured” any disease.  So what is the answer?

As a Natural Health Practitioner, I cannot cure or treat any disease.  What I can do is look at the underlying cause of your disease and work on facilitating your own body’s regenerative abilities to heal itself.  Your body was made to heal itself.  Think about a bruise, cutting your finger, breaking a bone, etc.  Your body will always try to heal itself, because your body always moves toward health.  That’s what your immune system is for.  That system not only works externally but internally, as well.  If a smoker stops smoking, the lungs will begin to heal.  If you eat enzymes and probiotics, your gut will move toward health.  Your body is an intricate machine.  If one thing gets thrown off track, it could create a cascade of events that could lead to “dis-ease”.

For example, if you have acid indigestion, you may take some type of acid-blocker.  Lack of HCl could lead to high blood pressure, mental fatigue, mineral deficiencies (especially calcium), protein deficiencies, mineral deficiencies, and heartburn.  Your stomach needs hydrochloric acid in order to activate pepsin which is needed to digest protein.  When protein is undigested, it sits in your stomach, begins to decompose, and turns acidic, which could actually lead to more acid indigestion.  As it moves through the intestines, it does not get digested, leads to acidity in the system, does not get broken down into amino acids, can become toxic to your system which could lead to Leaky Gut syndrome and other intestinal issues.

That’s just one example.  You can typically look at any dis-ease and trace it back to its origin.  Natural medicine will then look at using food, nutrients, nutritional supplementation, detoxification, exercise, and relaxation to restore the body to health.  There will always be naysayers who will say that Natural Medicine doesn’t work.  But where our typical medical model focuses on chemical interactions, Natural Medicine looks at the whole body and the whole system.  Hence the term “Wholistic” or “Holistic”.

If you are taking drugs and are interested in looking at a more natural approach to health, please contact me.  Of course, I never suggest stopping your meds without your doctor’s approval.  If we can get your body healthy, your doctor should naturally reduce your meds because you no longer need it.  Luckily, many doctors are beginning to see the value of a healthy lifestyle on your overall health.  And if you listen closely to some of those drug ads, you might just hear something like, “along with a good diet and exercise…” so that gives me hope.

Bill Shuttic

Ultimate Health



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