Biggest Loser Challenge!

By Bill Shuttic | Blog

Jan 26


Biggest Loser Community Challenge

Let’s get healthy!  Ultimate Health is working with the Pacific Palisades Chamber of Commerce to partner with the Biggest Loser Community Challenge.   This is not a Weight Loss program.  It’s all about Health and Wellness.  We’re setting up teams of four people to compete with other teams.  This is an extensive online and interactive program.  I was asked, “how much commitment do I have to give?”  You can put as much or as little effort into the program as you wish.  Because it’s online and interactive, you track your progress online.  Your team members and your coach are there to keep you motivated.

Here are some of the things offered:

Team vs. Team competition

Powerful team building

8 weeks of unique challenges

Individual Private Wellness Account

Interactive Health Tools

Dynamic Leaderboards

Motivation from Celebrities

Fitness videos and tracking

Nutrition tracking, recipes, and meal plans

Goal setting

Accountability partners

Over 10,000 prizes available to win:

Personal training with Dolvett Quince

Trips to the finale of the Biggest Loser

Week-long stay at Biggest Loser Resort

Garmin Vivofit fitness trackers

Signed copies of Dolvett’s 3-1-2-1 Diet book


If you would like to be on my Ultimate Health Team, let’s make this big!  It’s only $25 per person for the 8-week program.  And 20% goes to the Chamber, so you’re helping a good cause.


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