Team up with Ulti-Health and The Biggest Loser to Get Healthy in 2016.


Ulti-Health and the Chamber of Commerce are organizing teams of four so you can join the Biggest Loser Community Challenge

Join through us and become a part of this challenge. The Biggest Loser Community Challenge provides two-months of risk free access to a private wellness account for each of your team member and includes:
  • Fun Competition
  • Engaging Videos
  • Health and wellness guidance
  • A suite of interactive health tools
  • An eight-week challenge lead by head trainer Dolvett Quince
  • Motivation from past contestants
  • A live leader board
  • Great Prizes


Sign Me Up for the Challenge

Join a Team of Four Through Us and Get Started

Step 1: Sign Up With Us

The Biggest Loser Corporate Challenge is offered to companies wanting to set up teams for their employees.  Ulti-Health and the Chamber of Commerce have partnered up to form their own teams.  You don't have to organize your own team.  You can join one of ours.

Bill Shuttic of Ulti-Health is managing the entire process.  You fill out the simple registration form.  You make your $25 payment.  We'll get you registered and ready to go.

Step 2: Ulti-Health Assigns You to a Team

Bill Shuttic will assign you to a team of four.  He will get you registered with The Biggest Loser Community Challenge system.  That will give you access to all the resources so you can get started right away..  

Step 3: Improve Your Health

You login in using the registration information you'll get sent to you.    You can participate in the challenges they make available to us.  You can watch this February Biggest Loser season and improve your health right along side with the participants.