Happy New Year! Now Let’s Get Healthy!

By Bill Shuttic | Blog

Dec 31

Let’s start off 2016 on the right foot together. Now that we’re all done with the Christmas parties and New Year’s parties, it’s time to re-focus on your health. The party is over. So I’d like you to get healthy with me – together.  

Like many people, I usually eat way too much junk food over the holidays. I like to be healthy, but who wants to be miserable while everyone else is having fun. So, if you’re like me, you may have put on a couple extra pounds over the past month or so. And here’s what I realize (every year) – when you’re eating junk food, it doesn’t just make you gain weight. It also reduces your overall health. I’m still exercising, but I find that when I’m not eating the right foods, my workouts aren’t as good. I can’t lift as much and I don’t have as much stamina. My stomach bloats and I have indigestion. I don’t sleep as well. I get headaches. And I absolutely know it’s because of my diet.

So, if you have health issues, or if you just feel unhealthy, if you have acid reflux, gas, stiff joints, poor sleep, allergies, etc. on a regular basis, I can tell you that by changing your eating habits and doing a little exercise, you can probably fix a lot of those issues.

Some people are self-motivated. Others need a little help. As a Health Coach and a Life Coach, I’m here to help you succeed with both your health goals and your life goals. (And between you and me, I can tell you that they are both inter-related.)

If you’re interested in getting healthy this year, I’d like to help you. You have two choices. Working in conjunction with the Palisades Chamber of Commerce, we have partnered with The Biggest Loser to get the community involved with their Weight Loss Challenge. We’re going to put people in teams of 4 and everyone will compete. It looks like a fun program. If you’re not into that, you can just work with me. I will give you some guidance on food, supplements, herbs, exercises, etc. You can buy supplements from me, or you can use your own. You can workout with me, or you workout on your own.  If you want to workout with me, keep in mind, I never work with more than 10 full-time clients at one time. If you want to workout from home, you can join my website and workout with me via video.

However you want to do it…just do it! It takes 21 days to create a new habit, so if you start today, in three weeks, you’ll be off to a great start on a new and healthy lifestyle. At that point, working out won’t be a drag, it will be something you can look forward to, because you know that it will make you feel better and look better.

So, get rid of the junk food, get rid of the aches and pains, and start living life!

If you want to be a part of The Biggest Loser Community Challenge, use the button below.

Please note: There is a $25 fee (part goes to them and part goes to the Chamber)

Here's another idea to get your started.

Use the button below to  download a list of some useful information you’ll need to get started on your health journey!

Don't delay.  The first 25 people who respond, I will give them a Free Health Assessment.

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