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Jan 26



I am part of an non-profit called Help for Stroke.  We are trying to educate people on what a stroke is, how to avoid having a stroke, and what to do after you’ve had one.  Did you know:

  • Stroke is the 4th leading cause of death in the U.S.
  • Nearly 800,000 people/year suffer a stroke
  • 80% of strokes are preventable
  • Stroke is a leading cause of disability
  • African Americans are at nearly twice the risk of stroke as Caucasians
  • Most people do not know the warning signs of stroke or what to do if they suspect they or a loved one has had a stroke.

Help for Stroke was founded by two time stroke survivor Richard Horton in 2012. Unexpectedly in 2011, after suffering 2 strokes, Richard found himself at a crossroads. Unable to walk, speak and effectively communicate in any way, he evaluated his condition and ability to fully recover. Although he knew it would be a long road and effort he chose to put aside his current condition and persevere to full recovery. It challenged him to explore his brain in new ways requiring him to change his diet, relearn walking, speaking and maintaining a positive outlook on his future despite the circumstance.

In and out of hospitals for several months, Richard learned the problems in his own life that put him face to face with stroke. He learned consistently high blood pressure for an extended period of years was the catalyst to that day in 2011. Through physical therapy, family support and a team of doctors and educators, Richard found out about how much he could have done to prevent a stroke. As he has continued to recover he’s naturally become passionate about stroke prevention.

Prior to the stroke Richard managed and worked with world renowned jazz artists to the tune of Paul Jackson, Jr., Doc Powell, Kirk Whalum, Ron Brown and Oleta Adams to name a few. Having come from a musical background Help for Stroke’s founder is shaping the organization to be one of inspiration through music and health education.

Post stroke, Richard’s 26 year career in insurance has helped bring him to meet and help many other stroke survivors find hope in recovery and the necessity of health care. The Mission of Help For Stroke is to expand stroke awareness, provide access to information to prevent the occurrence of stroke, provide useful information on health care and nutrition to the public, survivors, as well as caregivers to help prevent the reoccurrence of stroke.

HFS, also provides forums and events focusing on Help For Caregivers, providing activities to support this overlooked community.

Board of Directors

Richard Horton

Dr. Alison McKenzie­faculty/alison­mckenzie

Ronald Wheeler­wheeler­1448b080

Bill Shuttic

Tamyia “Tugene” Davis


Please take a moment to view the videos we use to assist us in spreading stroke awareness­dad­had­with­3788857

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Need your help!

If you are a Stroke Survivor, or if you have a friend or family member who is a Stroke Survivor, and you would like to help our cause, we are looking for short videos of people who have been through a stroke (themselves or in the family).  If you are willing to send us a brief 30-60 second video, we would greatly appreciate it.  You can start with, “I had a stroke” or “My dad had a stroke” and then explain what it was like for you.  If we like your video, we may use it on our website or in our marketing.

Thank you!

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